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Interested in how to generate passive income? How to make money from your home on clients from all over the world? Want to know what dropshipping is and what it takes for a quality dropshipping business? It is a method of earning that has become very popular in recent years in the world. Experienced dropshipping masters make big profits by selling a variety of products, all from the comfort of their home.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a term that we increasingly encounter when talking about online earnings. Despite this, people know very little about this method of earning. You have an online store. Buyers and manufacturers of products are from all parts of the world. When someone buys a product from you, you order it from a supplier, and he sends it directly to your customer. You’ve never even touched what you’re selling, and the profits are already in your account. This is the shortest theoretical explanation of drop shipping. At your online shop where you sell various things, or just one thing. You are not the manufacturer of the goods, nor do you have any of those goods in stock. You never physically touch the goods you are selling. You are dealing only with marketing. Someone else has the goods and the warehouse. The manufacturer is engaged in production and receives orders from you, which it packs and sends to the people who ordered from you.

How to start dropshipping?

For starters, you don’t need too much experience, but the will to learn and work is necessary. There are many tutorials and texts on the Internet that can help you get started. Get well informed about everything and only then embark on an adventure. The question of the required amount of money at the start is a relative matter. The more money you invest in advertising, the sooner you will get results. But even with a smaller budget, you can make solid results. It all depends on the product and the target group. The money given in these forms of business is not money spent, but invested. You gain a lot of experience in all of this, and you can apply that experience to other forms of business later.

How to open your web shop?

The backbone of dropshipping is the opening of its own online store, through which the products will be sold. Create your own online store. You also have many apps available to help you sell products as quickly as possible. Here you have an e-commerce platform:


Wix’s e-commerce platform is its simplicity. Your e-commerce site has the same drag-and-drop benefits as a traditional Wix site. Wix users upgrade their e-commerce to activate the e-commerce feature. Your Wix store manager makes it easy to manage inventory, track orders, and communicate with customers. Choose from over 500 e-commerce templates. You can customize your selection with lists of goods, buyers, and suppliers. You can set global shipping rules for multiple carriers. Wix offers four versions of e-commerce: Business Basic, Business Unlimited, Business VIP and Company.


Shopify is an extremely easy platform to use. It is a great option for people without their own technical experience. Shopify is very versatile. It is useful for both small and large activities. Shopify has support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A convenient way to create a new website is to drag and drop the creator. It optimizes themes for mobile devices. Shopify has a built-in platform for processing payments. Shopify offers three versions of e-commerce: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

Which products are the most profitable to sell?

The world of online sales has some laws of its own. People buy some products online more often and some less often. As for the product, there are no rules. It all depends on your marketing skills, on your ability to present an interesting product to the right audience. But it is good to be based on passionate products, products that people need, products that can help people in something, and yet that these products are not in free sale, we cannot find them on every corner. For a start, it is best to have a general store, is a comprehensive store, where you can test various niches. When you see that you have several products from the same niche that sell well, then you can build a specialized web shop just for that niche.

How to attract new customers to your web store?

Starting a web store is the first step towards increasing sales. The second step is to attract customers, ie marketing activities that will lead them and motivate them to buy.

The social network

Social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are an ideal platform for promoting a web store. It is possible to target potential buyers at fairly affordable prices according to age, location, and various interests. Many brands and businesses on Facebook already have their own page, and web stores within it often have their own Facebook store that can integrate with the web store.


Visitors to the website come by typing the domain name directly into a search engine, through links on other sites or newsletters, and through search engines. An SEO expert will know how to improve a page so it is ranked and possible on Google or other search engines during key searches. Links to the web store on well-visited sites, blog writing, and detailed product descriptions are just some methods that will increase the number of visitors and customers.

Customer care

Attracting customers is half the success story of a web store. The other half is their retention, and if the service is fantastic, part of the customers will pass on the friendly word further.


Pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising can be one of the basic elements in your web shop marketing strategy. Of course, there are several types of PPC ads to look out for – paid search, delivery, and purchase campaigns. They are most relevant to the success of web shop marketing sales. Each type of PPC advertising can play an important but different role in your overall marketing strategy.

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How Much Money Can You Make From Dropshipping?

Earnings in the dropshipping business come from the difference in price between the product that the customer orders and the price that needs to be paid to the supplier. It is therefore necessary to be wise and determine how much profit you want to have, without driving the buyer away at too high a price. You determine the price of the product yourself, but also look at the prices of the competition. It is not desirable to be much more expensive or much cheaper than the competition, and again you need to include the marketing and purchase price of the product in the price.

Money invested in marketing can give immediate results, but it happens rarely. It takes a little time to deal with the complete system and understand how it all works together. Net profit in reality comes much later.

We should note it that dropshipping is not a business where you can make big profits and earnings overnight. It takes a lot of learning, sacrifice and work. It is much better to sell globally because you have a much larger market. Try it because you can succeed and make a serious business out of it. It’s difficult, but honestly it’s easy either if you have the will and desire it all starts.

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To help you get started, help yourself with tools and companies to help you access databases, vendors, and tools.

SaleHoo – Database allows you to access a database of suppliers. SaleHoo reviews them before it adds them to the directory. More SaleHoo learn.

Wholesale2B – you have access to over a million products. Loading products synchronizing inventory and order fulfillment allows automatic. Registration is free.

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